Photography Tutorials

Those who do not want to
imitate anything,
produce nothing.
Salvador Dali

#0785 - Fireplace

We used a speedlight at the fireplace in our living room to shoot light through the flames.

#0760 - The little Low Key Tattoo

Our Polish friend Kate got a Chinese tattoo on her buttocks. Video from SmokingStrobes.

#0589 - LinXi riding Beijing

Shooting with our friends in our hotel room. Video from SmokingStrobes.

#1019 - Speedlight in a Shopping Bag

How to shoot awesome portraits using a speedlight and a shopping bag.

#0794 - Sexy Smell

Our good friend Notorious Estrella with my wife Emily trying out a little fun photo idea

Evelin Aubert for Minds Unveiled

Evelin Aubert's contribution to our nude art project Minds Unveiled

#1115 - How Precious

Evelin was kind enough to model for jewellery photos on a fake bed in our homestudio.

#1058 Christmas Present

Our good friend Feifei decorated my wife Emily with christmas patterns and snow spray. Watch the video.

#1043 Christmas Present

For holiday season photos of my wife Emily I setup a 3-point lighting setup using candles only.

#1027 - Emily on Stage at Photokina 2012

This photo demonstrates, that one little speedlight can easily overpower a couple of 1000 Watt stage light.

#0898 - Onelight Clamshell

#1146 - Porcelain Portraiture

I'm so glad that our friend Fredau was OK with shooting this high-contrast photos, which were then desaturated in Lightroom. See the video for details.

#0493 - Adore Noir Cover

For some reason I always tend to photograph subjects under a veil. Here my wife Emily in a photoshoot that I did with our friends Samara.

#1402 - Time for Good Light!

On Setting Up Good Light - watch the video.

#0668 - HeMin in Red

Download this free Photoshop template and turn your portraits into spectacular posters.

#0953 - The Art of Boudoir Photography with Speedlights

A photo at our bedroom window for our first eBook.

#0913 - Maternity Modelina

Modelina was posing with her babybelly in our bedroom for my eBook

Cover Good Light! Magazine - Hot Topic #02

We went to the farm of our friends Peter and photographed Kinga with onelight speedlight setups.

Cover Good Light! Magazine Issue 07

In our home studio we took a few portraits of Viktoria and then started playing with the Light Blaster. Video from SmokingStrobes.

Cover Good Light! Magazine Issue 06

The cover shoot for this magazine took much less time than you think. Have a look at the video.

Cover Good Light! Magazine Issue 05

With our new friend LinYan Wu we went into the studio of the major photography school in Shanghai, only to do a quick onelight setup. Video from Good Light! Magazine Issue 05.

Cover Good Light! Magazine Issue 03

Our friend FeiFei decorated my wife Emily for Christmas and we photographed it in our home studio.

Cover Good Light! Magazine Issue 01

In our tiny stock room we photographed our Korean friend Coco with lots of light bouncing around.

I am not strange.
I am just not normal.
Salvador Dali

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Love story: I found my way
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What do you and your photo buddies call each other "cousins"?

We are all one family. For us our hobby is something that we do together with each other. We help each other out, stick together, like a family. I guess that's why this form of greeting developed and stuck with us.

Can I join you for a shooting?

If you arrange an awesome shooting that we can film and publish as a tutorial, then I might be able to join you shooting on that one.

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What camera should I buy?

I am super happy with my Sony a7 R II. However, the best camera for you depends on what photos you want to make with it. Discuss with me on my facebook page regarding details. 

A true artist
is not one who is inspired,
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Salvador Dali


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