System for mounting lightmodifiers and off-camera flashes

To keep things simpel I am using a modular system for mounting speedlights and any of my light modifiers. I'll explain it in the podcast. Here are the mentioned items:

My old swivels: http://goo.gl/PJvvCX
My new swivels: http://goo.gl/5FcGbY
The speed mount: http://goo.gl/ZUFgUx

Happy Easter!

I guess the reason why I do love photography so much is, because I love people and I enjoy sharing this love.

I hope your easter day is full of love for you.

I wish you good light!


Photo: Noemi Kappel
for Good Light! Mag Issue 08

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Motocross Glamour Workshop


The flyer of the event

27th July 2013 10-18h

  • Try Photo Equipment
  • Motocross racing up close
  • Photograph stunt drivers
  • Photo Outlet Sale 
  • Experience a FotoTV. production
  • Self-portraits with photo booth
  • Photo Workshops & shoots
  • Try cross-machines
  • Photo drones
  • and much more

Professional stunt drivers of Upforce!
> 100 motocross riders including youth department of the
MSC Wisskirchen are available for photos!

Photography-Workshops & -Shootings with

  • Fabio Borquez
  • Michael Zelbel
  • Martin Krolop
  • Ralph Man
  • Eberhard Schuy
  • Michael Jordan
  • Harald Kröher
  • Roland Klecker studio COMMUNITY
  • Pavel Kaplun
  • Frank Fischer Christian Kuhlmann

==> Reserve your seat in my workshop over here

Information about the event:

==>  FotoTV Challenge Blog


I wish you good light!

-- Michael

Unveil the model with your mouse


Photographers can now participate in a photography nude art project, which was born on July 4th (just like the USA). The project celebrates models that are so self-confidant that they step in front of the camera in their birthday suite.

Within the project the models are called "role models", because they demonstrate the pride and the self-confidence that we all need to live free of inhibition.

Every one of my photographer cousins is welcome to replicate our setup, shoot their own photos in the style of this project and submit them for publication. A number of my photography club members have already done so.

Watch here, how Cousin Metin is shooting our title photo of role model Pia Passion.



By visiting the website, clicking on social media buttons, spreading the word and of course by contributing images you help leading our society into a mindset with much less inhibition and much more pride and self confidence.

I wish you good light!
-- Michael

Basic Lighting for Portrait Photography

I love, love, love the attitude of Ed Verosky's new eBook "Basic Lighting for Portrait Photography". It starts with the sentence "No matter what your budget or how limited your work space or experience level, you should be able to use this book to create great portrait lighting immediately."

I believe an eBook on portrait photography lighting basics makes good sense. I've seen a lot of material on the basics of lighting in general, but no so many portrait specific books yet. If I specifically want to shoot great portraits, then I better master specifically the basics of portrait lighting.

That is why I had a close look at Ed's new eBook and I would like to share what I found inside.

The eBook starts of with a detailed discussion about light sources and gear. It covers facts, basics, use cases, solutions and modifications of natural light, flash light and, what I found particularly interesting, constant light.
Ed talks about using umbrellas, softboxes, reflectors and much more, and, most important, how to meter the light so that the photographer is getting the exposure and the light ratios that he needs for his photograph.

The portrait lighting patters, which he explains, are basic building blocks for lighting, which every portrait photographer should make use of. It's about short lighting, broad lighting, Rembrandt lighting, split lighting and butterfly lighting. In my opinion this is the set of patterns, which the reader should really, really internalize, in order to have a mental "vocabulary" of lighting patterns, which he can use every time when he wants to shoot a portrait with a particular feel to it.
Ed goes on and provides a lot of detailed lighting setups for portraits, dramatic portraits, head shoots, full-length shoots and much more. This is where the book is turning into a little treasure chest of lighting setups, which the photographer can pull from once he is about to start a shoot.

==> Click here to check it out yourself

I wish you good light!
-- Michael

Lighting setups for portrait photography

Good Light! Magazine Issue 04 packed with photography tips and tricks

First things first. Add a quick comment underneath the latest Lighting Setup Tutorial before April 28th 2013, in order to secure your chance to win a brand new Phottix Mitros Speedlight in our speedlight giveaway!
Newby , beginner, amateur, pro – no matter where you are on your path within photography, issue 04 of Good Light! Magazine will certainly provide you with new tips, tricks and inspiration that you can leverage in your work.
From an Adobe Lightroom preset which simply turns your photos into Neo Noir style up to a case study of how a team of pro’s goes about producing a fashion piece - it’s all in there. Like to see some details? Then watch me browsing through the mag together with Cousin Sebi , our editor.


If you subscribed to our mag then issue 04 is already on your iPad, because we use some wireless magic for early distribution to our dear subscribers. If you did not subscribe yet, or worse if you didn’t even download our free magazine app, then you can fix it right away over here.




I wish you good light!
-- Michael
I already see the questions about the video rolling in:
I am happy to share how we recorded it:
I used the awesome Reflector App to project the screen of my iPad nicely onto my little MacBook. Then I called Cousin Sebastian via Skype and shared my screen with him. And while we were talking about our articles like we do so often, I recorded the whole thing, my screen with the reflector iPad, my headset and Skype with Camtasia. Nice and easy, no tricks needed.

Phottix Mitros TTL Speedlight Unboxing


The LCD of the Mitros displays a ton of very useful information.

Well, yes, it was me who said that I will never do something as stupid as an unboxing video. But when I got my hands on the new Phottix Mitros Speedlight, well, I just could not resist. I filmed the unboxing. However, I while unboxing I am talking about this new awesome flash and hopefully I can provide you with the one or the other useful tidbit of information.

The unboxing video below is actually from the current issue of our cool photography lighting magazine for iPad. If you got a bit of space on your iPad than make sure that you check out GoodLight Magazine on iTunes!

The Mitros is now available in the Phottix online store. Grab yours! You won't regret it!

Boudoir Photography on Kindle

For the Kindle fans amongst us photographers

My favorite way to read a book is nowaday the Amazon Kindle. I am sure that this year a whole lot of Kindle Fire HDs will find make new readers happy after Christmas. It’s important for me to offer them a way to download

my current E-Book “The Art of Boudoir Photography with Speedlights”, so I just updated the details of this book at the Amazon Kindle store. It can already be downloaded at Amazon and I hope in a couple of days it will also show up in Amazon search.

Find it here: The Art of Boudoir Photography (Kindle)

I hope this way I can make the one or the other fellow photographer happy.

I wish you good light!
-- Michael


Download your free movie poster template

Free Movieposter Template when signing up for our newsletterWould you like to make your boudoir models really proud? Drop your best photo of them into this slick movie poster template. Add their name, your name, your website address and credit other people who helped in your photo shoot. Then save it as a JPG and post it to their facebook page. Let their friends go wild about it and let your name and your website address go viral.

Alternatively, print it out large (high resolution) and use it as an eyecatcher for your studio. You can instantly download this template (layered PSD for Photoshop and compatible editors) for free when you signup for our photo newsletter "Photography Talk". It features tips regarding photography. No obligations. No spam. You can unsubscribe with one click at any time.


Give it a try:



or scan this code


And then let your new, posh movie poster make your models happy.




You can also invert the background of the poster from black to white.

This is looking great for wedding photos.


Free Movie Poster template for wedding photography and videography