Please play with the White Balance

Unless you are shooting for a fashion catalog, it's usually not about getting "the correct" white balance but purely about setting the white balance so that your photo looks awesome. But anyway, you have to know that tweaking white balance does not only mean you adjust the color temperature, but it also means you care about tint. 



Here's the video regarding using WB creatively

Are Canon Cameras superior?

Let’s dive into the questions why I have chosen Canon as my camera system and whether or not you could possibly achieve the same results if you are shooting with Nikon. A lot of new photographers are stressing out about choosing one system over the other and finally they make a decision for all the wrong reasons.


My camera bodies:

Canon 5D MK III

Fujifilm X-E2

One year Minds Unveiled

My little nude art project is celebrating it's first birthday. A great moment to look back and thank all the awesome models, who were kind enough to pose in front of my camera for this project. They are true role models and show how we can be proud of our bodies and free of inhibitions.

Thank you all!

As a birthday post, I blogged the contribution of Playboy Playmate Olga Kaminska, who is also on the cover of the birthday issue of Good Light! Magazine.

Olga Kaminska on Minds Unveiled

Better lighting with a good boom

The quality of gear really matters in photography. I realized it yet anther time. Recently I swapped out my old, clumsy, awkward boom stand that I never used, with a new, awesome boom arm. Suddenly I find myself using a boom quite a lot in my setups, exploring new options in lighting.

My new boom arm: Phottix Light Stand Boom Arm 160cm (63”) 



Affordable, awesome speedlights

Nowadays I expect my speedlights to have a whole bunch of awesome features. They enable me to shoot all kinds of situations without running short on flashlight. I need a zoom reflector, high speed sync, a battery level indicator and I actually also don't want to miss a build in radio transceiver. The awesome speedlight of my choice is the

Phottix Mitros+

It gives me more options than the high-end Canon speedlite while being much more affordable.

However, for most of my photos I don't need TTL. In these cases I can as well use my manual speedlight:

Cactus RF60

It got all the bells and whistles that I need for manual mode, radio transceiver, HSS and all, it's working beautifully and reliably and I get it from Amazon for less than $150 - a bargain!

Photo: Bridal Boudoir with Maria Ki
One light setup with the Cactus RF60




Power pack for faster recycling

Need your speedlight to recycle real fast? My first and foremost suggestion would be to shoot in manual mode and dial down the power setting. However, if I absolutely needed a power pack in order reload my speedlights in 1 second after a full power pop, then I would have a look at the Godox ProPac PB960

Photo: Melinda in her favorite bikini
Watch the BTS video in Good Light! Magazine Issue 09.




Before and after of LiuLiu

Here's a quick before&after of our dear client LiuLiu, during a wedding make-up trial session here at our studio. A complete before-after gallery is here on our photo studio website.

Podcast: Understanding Luminous Power

In order to achieve the exposure you want with ease, you need to get a feel for the luminous power of the particular light sources that are in play when you are shooting. I think this comes pretty easy once you have a look at the numbers because then you see that there are worlds of power between the various kind of light sources, even though our naked eye would not signal us so much of a difference.

For reference:

The boudoir photo eBook with the bed scene (NSFW)

The BTS video of the shoot (Kind of SFW YouTube version)



Creating a world of surreal pixels!


Good Light! Mag Issue 09 is out. Jam packed with articles helping you to create awesome photos and present them to your viewers:


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Minimal setup for photos with water drops
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Creating a Composite Image Using Photoshop
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10 Apps for Surreal Phoneography

Mobile Apps to Create the Impossible
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Off-white is the New Black

Two Must-have Fabric Backdrops for Your Studio
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Spectacular Wedding Venue

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Your Lighting Setup

Haute Couture on Location

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Trouble Talk

Cold Look and White (Im-) Balance

A Creative Way to Use your CTO Gel Outdoors
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Get Published

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Style File

Levitation Photography

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My ShotKit:

Erik Johansson


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A RAW workflow that does not suck?

Having a streamlined workflow frees you up to spend your time shooting awesome photos rather than caring about the postproduction work that piles up, juggling disks for all the data, or thinking about excuses you can send to your client because you don't have the final edits for them yet.

Photo: A quick test photo of during a wedding make-up trial.
LR Preset: Preset Heaven B&W Beach